Home Laundary & Dry Cleaning Services

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You are welcome to HOME LAUNDRY & DRY CLEANING SERVICES.All we do is cleaning and laundry of your items,like cloths,suits,bed-sheet,blankets,curtains,choir robes,graduation gowns,cassocks,clerical etc At Home Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services,we believe that cleanliness is next to Godliness

HOME PICK SERVICES: At home Pick service is a convenient service where we come pick your items dirty and returned cleaned,our Home Pick Service is so convenient that it cost you nothing when picking your clothes and items and when returning it


PRIVATE CLEANING: Our private cleaning services is to private houses,local and international banks,businesses,churches,organization etc


For Home Pick Services,we come straight to your house after receiving a call from you,we pick up your dirty clothes or dresses and wash them,iron it and deliver it back ironed,fresh and neatly made at no COST to you,you only pay for the service

For private cleaning,you need to make a call by calling us or visit our office

Our services are flexible and prices are affordable,we are available 24/7,all you need to do is to call and we shall come to pick your items packaged and delivered back the following day,neat,fresh and very beautiful

After picking your items,we will send you a text for price details or bills,and you can pay to any of our mobile payments lines 

MTN MOBILE MONEY - 0244229584

TIGO CASH - 0279956270

If peradventure you could not agree with our price,no problem,we shall send back your items AT NO EXTRA COST TO YOU

Please call  for pick up 0244229584/0246630727

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OUR OFFICE: Market bustop,Ksoa Malam Road,please call 0542309743 pick up any enquiries